Bruce Haines, Mayfair

née Ancient & Modern

‘A Poem for Raoul And Agnes’


Impatiens, meet touch-me-not.
Be as close as possible. As close as desire, no more, otherwise pass

each other toward some opposite distance. Subscribe our interruption
of indefinite night. Postpone reticence.

We more than wounded know nothing of flowers but the ripe pod scatters its seed regardless.

(Barry Schwabsky)


‘A Poem for Raoul And Agnes’
selected by Sherman Sam
3 July ~ 6 September 2014
Ann Craven, Matthias Dornfeld, Roy Dowell, Fergus Feehily Jane Freilicher, Clive Hodgson, Eithne Jordan, Alex Katz Markus Karstieß, Winifred Nicholson, Norbert Prangenberg Audrey Reynolds, Phoebe Unwin