Bruce Haines, Mayfair

née Ancient & Modern

Intaglio Print

Intaglio Printmaker is pleased to announce the launch of our new imprint ‘Intaglio Print’, whose inaugural edition is a pair of aquatint etchings by Alan Kane:

‘SPKR Etching L’ & ‘SPKR Etching R’, 2023, aquatint on Hahnemuhle Etching White, 300g, 27.8 x 42 cm

Edition of 10 pairs L & R at £600 and 10L & 10R at £380 each.

Intaglio Print is a natural outcome of the gallery Bruce Haines, Mayfair (née Ancient & Modern 2006-16) acquiring Intaglio Printmaker (suppliers of printmaking materials to artists since 1981). It constitutes a collaborative enterprise between contemporary artist, printmaking workshop and publisher made popular by Rembrandt van Rijn in 17th-century Netherlands and beyond.

Alan Kane’s art takes diverse forms, from day-time TV in ‘Life Class / Today’s Nude’ (Artangel, 2009), to displaying collections of pottery (‘Home for Orphan Dishes, Whitechapel, 2011) and domestic Christmas lighting transforming the facade of Tate Britain (‘Home for Christmas’, 2017-18). Kane has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, his works represented in private collections as well as the collections of Arts Council England, The British Council, The V&A and Tate. 

‘SPKR Etching L’ & ‘SPKR Etching R’ are his first etchings and mimic their ubiquitous household namesakes through a kind of ‘Pop’ trompe l’oeil in very low relief. As with Kane’s recent painting these works come out of an interest in computer-produced and freely distributed ‘clip art’. The etchings combine masking, aquatint, and an innovative etching process to make the most traditional art object from digital beginnings. 

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