Bruce Haines, Mayfair

née Ancient & Modern



Jan Pleitner, onboard “Marlowe”

Saturday, 5 October 2019

“I paint at night because I wait until the last minute to do something. Everybody is sleeping; you are one of the only people doing something. You are like a wolf howling in the night with your painting. There are less people talking to God than you are. It’s a performance but it’s more meditation. When you do a painting, you are not acting; you are just really into yourself, it is very concentrated. People wrote a lot about movement in my paintings but it’s actually very, very slow and quiet what I do. I could paint maybe just with my brain. That would be nice to try. It’s very spiritual. It’s like the stairway to heaven. Every step is important otherwise you couldn’t be at the next one. So if you just do one painting, it must be bad, so the next one can be better. You are building up something out of your imagination, which is like being alive…